• Broadband Services

    Tap into the full power of communications with
    ethernet level internet access from RFCnet.

Broadband Services

Every circuit we offer is covered by our Best in Class SLA. All circuits have 24 hour a day availability. We monitor your circuit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, utilizing pings every 5 minutes. This monitoring allows our Operations Center to often diagnose and correct a problem with your circuit before you even know it exists.

Integrated Voice and Data

Tap into the full power of communications with RFCnet. Using a single Integrated connection, RFCnet meets all your needs for local, regional, long distance and high-speed Internet access in one cost-efficient package. RFCnet offers your business true simplicity - eliminating the need to purchase multiple services from multiple vendors. And, you have the flexibility to select the number of phone lines and Internet access speed that your business needs.

Metro Ethernet - 10Mbps

Move ahead of your competition with one of the fastest internet delivery systems available today, Metro Ethernet. The 10Mbps puts your applications right at your customers fingertips.

Bonded 3Meg & 6Meg Lines

Take your internet speeds to the next level. Bonding technology enables multiple 1.5Mbps T1 circuits to operate seamlessly as a single connection. Bonded T1s enable businesses to increase bandwidth in 1.5Mb increments as their needs change. It's perfect for server/application hosting, multi-site businesses, and companies with increasing bandwidth needs.

1.5Meg Lines

Keep your business running at its most efficient speed with RFCnet's Dedicated Internet T1. This business communications solution lets you take advantage of dedicated connections at speeds up to 1.5 Mbps for all your Internet needs. RFCnet offers T1 services in select metropolitan areas, with prices starting at $250 per month for a full 1.5 Mbps T1 line. Network Hardware and Routers are available for sale or rent. Signup today to make an appointment for T1 installation.